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October 26th 5:00-7:30pm

This event was designed as a total give back to our local community.  What we do is to have people bring in their vehicles, any vehicles are fine, and park in every other space.  The idea is to decorate the vehicles in Halloween décor, pass out candy to the children, and most importantly if possible… to set up a small game for the kids to play.  By having small games such as bean bag throws, ring toss, things like that, we keep the kids having fun.

Trunk-or-Treat Flyer


The Program

Chaffey College's Automotive technology program is located at the main campus in the beautiful city of Rancho Cucamonga. More information about the college and it's satellite campuses in Fontana and Chino can be found at: 

For information about joining the Chaffey College Car Club, you can either send us an e-mail using the contact information on this website or come to our next meeting. (Check out the "Events" section for some more info). Our meetings are held Bi-Monthly, and any Chaffey College student is welcome to attend.

The Club

Our club was started in 2008 by a group of Chaffey College Auto-Tech students to help emphasize the importance of quality technical training.

The Chaffey College Car Club Mission Statement:

The purpose of this student organization is to recognize continuous change in the automotive industry and address how it affects our schools and environments. Our goal as a club is to assist our school to continue to expand their automotive programs to stay current with the industry and community needs. Our organization shall work to build partnerships with local businesses that can assist in supporting and enriching our programs and events that supply education to our students and community.

1st highschool Dragster GMC Sierra Chevy 210 Wild Thang